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Savis s.r.l. – Aerial Platforms

Our Products

A wide range to meet all needs.

Truck-mounted platforms license B (<35q) from 14 to 28m

Electric self-propelled platforms from 6 to 20 m

Tracked self-propelled platforms from 12 to 52 m

Truck-mounted platforms license C (>35q) up to 75 m

Self-propelled platforms diesel from 12 to 43 m

Heaver and self-propelled cranes diesel and electric

Used truck mounted

Used crawler

Used self-propelled

Savis s.r.l.

Aerial Platforms

Savis S.r.l. is a company with twenty years experience in selling new and used aerial platforms of the most prestigious brands.
For all machines we provide assistance with original spare parts at our workshop or at your building site or factory, with scheduled maintenance plans.

Savis S.r.l. is able to offer you long-term rental solutions or alternatively rental with release option.
The product range includes over 100 models including aerial platforms and cranes, which have a wide range of uses: construction, rental, cleaning, painting, lighting, pruning, maintenance in factories.

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Here are the main brands we deal with